New Year’s Goal Setting Tools and Must Haves

Hi, friends!

  • Weight Loss/Eating Healthier/Fitness
  • Finances/Debt Payoff/Savings/Financial Independence
  • Spirituality/Church Attendance
  • Organization

Below I am sharing some commissionable links for things I personally find helpful in each of those areas. To find the exact items pictured, simply click the photos.

The key to long-term health and fitness is creating new habits and learning more about what is healthy. I’ve included some of my favorite things, including some really helpful books.

I haven’t shared about our debt free journey to early retirement before, but I highly recommend the Financial Health items below. If you get anything on the list below, I suggest the book A Simple Path to Wealth. If you are just beginning a journey to get out of debt, you will also need to budget and use an expense tracker. Everything is linked, just click the photo! (You can use the goal setting worksheet at the bottom of this post for savings or debt payoff goals.)

I can’t pick one favorite from the Spiritual Growth must have list below. I simply recommend all of it. My favorite Bible to use is the NASB 2020 version because of the accuracy of the translation from the original Greek.

I personally struggle with organization. I am constantly trying to find “homes” for things. It is much easier to do when you have the right “tools” to use. These Bathroom Organization must haves give a home to all of your bathroom items.

The kitchen is another area of my house that tends to need organization. One of the most frustrating things for me is spices/spice jars. When we get into our next house I will be using the set below.

For the past several years I have shared some goal setting strategies around this time of year. Today I want to provide you with an updated (2022) version of the goal setting worksheet that I use every year. This goal setting worksheet can be used in two ways. For an explanation of the two different ways to use this worksheet, please read THIS POST HERE. You can download the updated version below for free. Simply click on it, and it will open into a new tab. You can either print it or save it to your computer to use later.

Christmas Table Round up from 2020

Good morning, friends!

We are a week into the new year, and looking back I can say that we had a wonderful Christmas season. We enjoyed so many traditions, and I am thankful we were able to host some special meals. I am rounding up some of the table settings I used for Christmastime 2020. These were previously posted by themselves either on Instagram or blog posts. I am putting them all in one place in case anyone would like to save them to Pinterest to reference later. I’m happy to give sources or links if anyone has questions. You can save this post to Pinterest by scrolling to the bottom of the post and clicking on the Pinterest button, or you can use the Pinterest extension on your chrome bar.

2021 Goal Setting Worksheet (updated 2022)

I can’t give you all a prize for surviving 2020, but I will happily give you a free printable goal setting worksheet for 2021. I want to show you two different ways that you can use this worksheet below. Updated with a 2022 version file below.

The first way to use this worksheet is by using each of the 12 squares to set a monthly goal that leads up to a bigger goal. For example, you can name each of the squares a month and set a goal for things like losing a certain number of pounds in a month (leading up to a larger total amount) or saving a certain amount each month (totaling a larger amount that is ultimately the goal). Here is an example below of using the worksheet to set smaller monthly goals:

Another way to use this worksheet is to use the square to set multiple different goals. I used it this way in 2020, and I did not use all of the squares. I felt 12 separate goals was a little ambitious for myself. Below is an example of how to use this worksheet to set multiple different goals:

You’ll also notice on the bottom of the page are two spaces to write an inspirational or motivational word or quote. You can also write notes that will be helpful for achieving your goals.

You can download your own copy of this 2021 goal setting worksheet below.

I hope you find this useful in making 2021 a great year!