1920 Lane cedar chest tall footed

Antique Lane Cedar Chest

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Last weekend we went antiquing in Braselton, Georgia. We’re familiar with the antique shops of Braselton, because it’s where I actually had my first antique booth in 2012. After stopping in Countryside Antiques, we drove next door to A Flea Antique. While we were there we picked up a Lane cedar chest.

1920 Lane cedar chest tall footed

I had been looking at a cedar chest in a different antique store a couple of months ago, but it wasn’t a Lane chest. I like the style of this chest, which I have learned is called a Tall Hasp with Feet, or THF. To give you an idea of the size, it measures 27″ high by 46″ wide by 19.25″ deep.

After bringing our new Lane chest home, I did some research. I learned that MOST Lane chests can be dated by the serial number on the bottom of the chest or under the lid. The serial number, read backwards, gives the production date. However, my chest only has a style number, not a serial number. I found out that some of the earlier chests did not have a serial number listed. Lane stopped their production of cedar chests in 2014, but I did contact the company to request some information.

1920 Lane cedar chest tall footed

As part of my interior design degree, I have taken several Furniture History courses. Combined with my time selling antiques, I believe this chest to be from the 1928-1940 time range. This is mainly due to the style of the feet, the bullseye rosettes used, and the floral design motif on the front.

Other than being in desperate need of some wood conditioner and wax, the chest is in great condition! The only thing I am unsure of, and asked Lane Furniture Company about, is whether the green lid is how it was originally decorated. It hasn’t been colored in recent history, but at some point it may have been refinished that way. I’m really not sure.

Here’s a look before moisturizing and waxing:

1920 Lane cedar chest tall footed

Here’s a 15 second video showing how I gave it some TLC…

After here’s an “after”…

1920 Lane cedar chest tall footed

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I’m not a Lane cedar chest expert, and the information that comes up on a Google search hasn’t had all of the answers that I’m looking for. If you have any information about this chest, please either send me an email or leave a comment below. I would greatly appreciate any details about this piece.