Functional Push Pins.

I like it. I don’t like it. 

I want it up. I want it down. 

It motivates me. It irritates me.

The sun is shining. The sun is not shining.

Life changes. I change my mind. Sometimes. A lot. Every day something new inspires me. Colors, People, Quotes, Photos. I needed a way to be able to actually use my bulletin board that I made in yesterday’s post.

Typically I put the bulletin board up, and then I pin some things onto it. And then those same things stay pinned up onto the bulletin board for 3 (or 11) years, while the little things that I use every day stay on the surface of my desk.

What if there was a way to avoid looking lazy improve the functionailty of my bulletin board? When I really thought about it, the reason that I wasn’t using my bulletin board as an organizational piece on a day to day basis was that I was constantly needing to pin up, remove, and repin what I was using.

For example, a paint chip. Found one I love: pin it up. Want to hold it next to something: take it down. Lose the pin. Leave paint chip on the desk. Need to take the paint chip to the fabric store. Can’t find the paint chip.

Example No. 2: Put up a fancy-schmancy quote to inspire me throughout the day or week. Get used to the quote being there. Stop looking at the quote. Stop being inspired. But leave the quote up because if I take it down, it’s going to get lost on my desk and wrinkled. Then I’ll have to throw it away and that will hurt a tree.

Solution: Pins for my bulletin board that are also…CLIPS. I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

Pin once. Clip over and over and over again. Clip several things together. Switch them around.

The best part? NO. PIN. HOLES. *gasp*  So simple to do:

Both from Walmart in the Office Supply aisle. Next to all the cute Post-It Notes. You could use flatter push pins, but I like these.

Glue Gun. You’ll need one. Also found at Walmart. Craft section.

Life changer.


And don’t forget. You’re a Peach.

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