Finding Your Brand Elsewhere – Wear It Wednesday

Have you ever found the perfect pair of jeans? You love the way they fit, but then something damages them or you go back for a second pair and they’re discontinued? I want to share what I do in that situation!

I found that I really like the way Pilcro & The Letterpress jeans fit me. They’re sold at Anthropologie and are a little more pricey. So when I wanted to get a few more pairs of pants in that brand, I started with eBay. Yep, eBay! I found these pumpkin/rust colored Pilcro jeans on eBay. Since I already knew my size in their brand, I was willing to take a risk that these would fit me like I expected them to. (Although, even within some brands different colors fit differently. But that was a risk I was willing to take.) In the past I have done this for other brands on PoshMark, too.

  • Jean Jacket – bought new from GAP about 10 years ago
  • Striped Shirt – Old Navy, available now
  • Jeans – Pilcro & The Letterpress from eBay
  • Loafers – Sperry from TJ Maxx

Hope you’re having a great week!

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