A whole new hue (in the bedroom)!

I love color. All kinds of color. I could look at paint colors for hours. I am inspired to come up with a million different ideas simply by pouring over a paint color fan deck. One of my favorite college classes was Color Theory. I liked learning about how colors work together. But I really, [...]

That’s just crate!

October is always really hectic at our house. It's my favorite month of the year, and I always have a million fantastic unrealistic ways that I want to spend the autumnal season. I think October might be busier at our house than December. We have soccer games and family birthdays, not to mention the traditional [...]

New Wheels, New You!

If someone bottled the “Old Wood” smell in a perfume bottle, I’d buy it. Do you know the smell? It sends me on a trip to my granddaddy’s barn every time. Old wood that has lived a life full of seasons and adventure, long after its death as a tree. I’ve been known to date [...]